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Services We Offer –

Firstly where are you at?

The first aspect is considering what it is you want support with in relation to your grieving.

“As grief affects us, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, it is necessary to try looking at ourselves to see where we are being affected.”

Are you keeping so busy that you aren’t allowing yourselves to visit grief as you should?

Are you hypo-active, not wanting to get out of bed let alone face the world outside your front door?

Are you now unable to sleep, crying all the time, denying your loss, feeling angry, guilty, wanting to talk about it but not wanting to impose on friends or family?  Perhaps you know you need to talk about it but instead just keep it all bottled up inside!

Are you alone and don’t know where to begin?

Are you feeling that to talk about your grief is a sign of weakness, not ‘macho’, that it’s something you just have to deal with yourself?

Conversely, are you constantly talking about your loss to the point that you are actually pushing away those who had up until now been supportive?

OR, perish the thought; are you in some way enjoying the attention, seeking solace from your drama by lingering for the attention it brings? A harsh observation you may think, but it is only a suggestion for honest consideration!

The main point is for us to decide in what areas of our grief we are feeling ‘trapped ’. This may be an area to begin moving safely along our journey.

There are no right or wrong ways to feel or to be.  It is totally individual with regard to where we are at during the process.

Therefore, we are here to offer many options depending on what you are seeking, and as we individually grieve at our own pace, want to be as flexible as we can be.

We Are Offering…

  • Understanding Support
  • No time line to Grief
  • Focus on Healthy Grieving
  • A different perspective on death
  • Re-finding Meaning in your life
  • How to Celebrate
  • Ways to find your Peace
  • Gratitude & Honour
  • Individual, Family or Group Sessions
One to one – Whether you feel you would relate more to Ralph or to Ruth, we are both happy to offer individual support.  You may feel more comfortable and more able to share your thoughts and feelings in this type of setting.
We are both very good listeners.
Couples – You may feel more comfortable sharing with the support of a partner or trusted friend, so we offer you this option also.
Family Groups – as a family you may decide you would like some support to move through grief with your loved ones, so that you know everyone is safely able to be heard and express how they feel.
Group Sharing – We would also offer the opportunity to gather with a group, to share each others perspective and experiences, thereby supporting one another.  We are happy to facilitate this group sharing.

Where and when – Possibly at our home in Ruth’s Healing room, or at a time and place suitable to all parties.

How – Dependant on where you live – most things are possible with modern technology!

Contact – email
If you wish to contact us please click here and send us an email.


Ralph and Ruth are offering support to heal your broken heart.

Not to be a crutch, but to aid people find their own way to having a Healed Heart to the point where they can live in Harmony with their loss; moving past the crippling grip of it.  It is not a linear process but can be very complex, taking its own time and pace.

We are here to support you!

There will be a Monetary Exchange for these Services. A schedule of Options is available by clicking here.