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Naturopathy for Grief

As you will be suffering many physical effects from your ordeal, Ruth has a wealth of experience and knowledge of how to naturally support your body’s responses to this stress.

You may be loosing weight or gaining too much as a result of disturbed digestion or eating routinesSome people comfort eat, while others literally force themselves to eat to survive.

You may definitely be suffering from insomnia or disturbed sleep.

You may also be very overactive or underactive.

You may be suffering many aches and pains, particularly heart ache, or stomach ache, or even headaches.

Do you jump at every loud sound or become very sensitive to noise?

All these symptoms may be a result of stress responses to what you’ve experienced by your loss.

Our emotions have a huge effect on our mental and physical wellbeing and if they go unsupported can undoubtedly keep us from feeling physically well.

Ruth has a great understanding of how to support all areas of our recovery from stress.  She knows what foods, vitamins or minerals may make a huge difference to our physical functioning. This is important as the more stress we suffer; the more our bodies are depleted of some very vital and basic nutrients.

She can offer simple but extremely effective remedies to all areas of stress and emotional pain and uses liquid Flower Remedies and Bach Flower Remedies (Rescue Remedy is just one of them), to greatly assist the body in dealing with this type of pain.  They are safe to take and will not interfere with prescription medication.  They produce no harmful side effects and cover a vast range of emotional indications.

First Light Flower Remedies

Hearts Ease Support – Heart and Soul
Emotional comfort and support. Uplifts, soothes, nurtures.. For times of anxiety, worry, emotional strain, intensity. For feelings of loss, grief, uncertainty, despair. Use when feeling uncertain, isolated, alone or unsupported.

De-Stress Support – Inner Peace and Calm.
Enhances poise and tranquility. For excess mental activity or when stressed, distracted, overcharged, wound up, strung out.

Sleep Support – Sweet Dreams
Calms, relaxes and soothes. Use for worry, mental restlessness or over activity. Helps with the tension or stress often associated with lack of sleep or disturbed sleep patterns.

Bach Remedies

Helps when you feel great hopelessness, and have given up belief that more can be done.

Helps when your responsibilities overwhelm you. You feel depressed and exhausted and may lose self-esteem.

Sweet Chestnut:
Helps you at moments when the anguish is too great and seems to be unbearable. Your mind or body feels as if it has borne the uttermost limit of its endurance.

Ruth states –

“I’m sure we can all relate to these emotions during our grief.  These and many other remedies I have used with very good success in treating such emotions, both with clients and with myself !”

Energy Healing

Ruth also provides Energy Healing which is similar to, but not Reiki in that it is intuitive rather than structured. Energy Healing is the directing of Chi or Universal energy through the hands of the Healer with pure intent and into your (the client’s) body.  This is very effective in helping to support the healing from grief on all levels, by assiting to balance Mind, Body and Soul. You as the client remain fully clothed, it  is non-invasive and can be performed with you being physically present or from a distance. This Healing is extremely relaxing while  also providing a nurturing quiet time just for you!