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Gentle Reflections

Gentle Reflections is a collection of inspirational images and words by Ruth and the late Craig Winmill.

This 70 page book (hardcopy) is available for purchase at a price of NZ$28 plus postage and packaging.

Click the image to see a sample of its contents.

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Readers Comments:-

“I felt empowered and esteemed as I gently read the text and saw its correlation in the images.  I could reflect on each page for a whole day.  I felt close to the writers and photographers as I spent time in the pages!  I felt cared for by them!”  ~ Dave

“It’s just awesome!”  ~ Lorraine

“I use this book  as an oracle to give me a message for the day.  The  book always opens at the perfect place to give me the words that will be the most helpful and inspiring in the day ahead.  They give my day a theme.”   ~ Chris

“It’s all beautiful, but one of my favourites is the Road Signs, which is  truly typical of the things we face in life.  A lot of the time it depends what sign we follow as to how life turns out.”  ~ Thelma

Gentle Reflections Book
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