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Welcome to Healing Hearts Grief Support

Loss & its Affects

Death of a cherished loved one can leave our Heart broken, or even shattered, with little hope of it ever being healed.  We can feel totally bereft, alone, isolated or even frightened.

We know how this feels; we have experienced it ourselves, but have now managed to find a place of Peace with our loss.

Thus Healing Hearts Grief Support has been born as a means by which we can offer you and your broken Heart comfort and healing.

This is not about forgetting our loved one, or our pain, but about coming to a place where we can accept our experience to find a harmony and balance with the pain and emotions; that will allow us to continue with our lives, to allow us to smile to even feel Joy again.

There’s no timeline to grief.  Each of us will take as long as is necessary to find our way through the maze of emotions, of regrets, of anger, guilt or why me!  We know, we have suffered great loss and are making that journey also.

Healing Hearts Grief Support will honour and respect your journey towards finding that place of Peace.

We can assist you to ‘choose peace’ alongside the acceptance of your grief and will thank you for placing your Trust in us.